Workshop: Healthy Liver

Our livers often come under a lot of pressure, particularly in midlife. How can we use food and lifestyle changes to support hormonal fluctuations and most importantly to support the work our liver does at this time of transformation?

Nutritionist Louise Carr specializes in helping women answer these questions, so we can invest in our health now and enjoy long-term health in the future. If we look after our livers well in midlife, we are going to have a much easier time as we progress through perimenopause and post menopause too.

In this workshop we cover:

  • How to keep our livers healthy
  • The perimenopausal hormonal dance
  • The role and impact of cortisol
  • Getting a handle on stress to help with our hormonal changes
  • The importance of nutrition in balancing our hormones
  • The role of liver health in the level of symptoms we can experience during perimenopause (and beyond)
  • How to minimize menopausal symptoms through looking after the liver
  • Managing our energy levels in the morning and evening
  • Making the right choices to lower cortisol and manage anxiety
  • Eating an abundance of nutrition in midlife to set us up for long-term health

And lots more!

Access the videos in this workshop by clicking on the images below.


You can also access the workshop as downloadable audio files.

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Section 3


Find out more about the wonderful Louise Carr on her website. Download her liver health checklist below.

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