Special Access: How The Female Brain Gets Stronger And Better In Midlife And Beyond

Do you worry about your brain post menopause? Dr Louann Brizendine is the best-selling author of The Female Brain and talks to me about her latest book, The Upgrade: How the female brain gets stronger and better in midlife and beyond. Yes really! The Upgrade amounts to a celebration of how women can step into their power and an entirely new—and radically positive—understanding of aging.
We talk about:

  • Why Louann wrote The Upgrade
  • How our brains get stronger and better as we age and especially after menopause
  • How menopause impacts our brains
  • What the post menopause (upgrade) brain changes enable us to do
  • How women can sometimes sabotage the upgrade
  • How life gets better for women with each passing decade
  • What we need to make the most of the upgrade
  • The impact of stress on older women
  • How to upgrade the gut brain team
  • The importance of social connection
  • Embracing the wisdom and power of the upgrade

And more!

Find more about Louann:

Louann’s website: louannbrizendine.com

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Louann’s book: The Upgrade: How the Female Brain Gets Stronger and Better in Midlife and Beyond

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