Midlife Jumpstart Workshop Series

Rachel's Midlife Jumpstart Workshop Series is available to view here until Sunday 18 March. If you'd like all the goodness out of it, now's the time to catch up!

In Part 2 Rachel shared her monthly Habit/Activity Tracker and in Video 3 she shared the 5 Steps To Mutton Mastery Blueprint - just click on the links to download your free copies of these.

If you want to view the videos in double quick time, the free Video Speed Controller extension for the Chrome browser allows you to speed them up! So you can watch Rachel at double speed and have a giggle. You can download it here.

Part 1

Learn how to really believe in yourself, put yourself nearer the front of the queue, how to prioritize your needs and the importance of exercise as we age. 

Part 2

Learn to accept and love this older version of yourself, challenging ageism both in society and in ourselves, taking the shame away from ageing and instead embrace and celebrate your growth, dreaming big when there are no restrictions, doing stuff that frightens us and how to build good new habits. 

Download your monthly Habit/Activity Tracker

Part 3

How to achieve big change in the areas of most importance to women 40+ (the results of our survey). The midlife transformation blueprint - moving from feeling lost and wondering what's next in life through getting clarity on what you need, to exploring new things, seeing real transformation and feeling inspired, fulfilled and empowered as you continue to grow. 

Part 4

Discover the quick and easy way to make real positive change in your midlife and beyond. With a fabulous community to support and inspire you.