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Weight Loss and Maintenance

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About "Weight Loss & Maintenance"

In this incredibly useful and practical workshop with health and nutrition coach, and personal trainer, Lisa Swanson, we cover everything you need to know to both lose weight and maintain a healthy one. It’s particularly focused on maintaining a good weight in midlife and beyond, and focuses in on our particular issues in this area.

We look at diet, what exercise we need to do, why and how often, and provide several fully body workouts you can easily do at home.


The Weight Loss Workbook

Full Body Circuit – (Resistance Bands)

Abdominal Circuit

Full Body Kettlebell & Stability Ball Circuit


Weight Loss & Maintenance

Video lesson

Weight Loss & Maintenance Workshop Getting the basics right: food and drink

In this lesson we talk about what it's good for us to eat and drink. We cover: How to go from frustration to success How to get round the fact that it takes longer to shift excess weight Why diets don't work and what to do instead How to create a habit-based lifestyle Setting yourself up for success Top nutrition tips The importance of drinking lots of water Eating regular small portions of protein because we don't store it The importance of including healthy fats in our diet Why we don't actually need dairy products Why you don't need carbs if you're relatively inactive  The importance of eating more vegetables Why processed foods are crap!

Video lesson

Weight Loss & Maintenance Workshop Fitness

In this lesson we talk about fitness and what our bodies need to reduce and maintain weight as we get older. The full body resistance bands workout at the end of this video lesson is also included as a separate video at the end of the workshop.  In this video we cover: How to work out smarter not harder Why we put on weight as we age and what to do about that Why our metabolism slows down as we age What we can do to counter/accommodate our slower metabolism Working out what works for each of us Effective resistance training How to avoid injury when increasing your exercise How to change things up so the body doesn't get complacent and lazy! The importance of sleep and recovery Why sitting is not an option! The best equipment to use at home How to use the equipment  The workout! 

Video lesson

Weight Loss & Maintenance Workshop How to keep the good habits going

In this lesson we talk about how to maintain good habits and not fall back into the bad old ones! We cover: How to avoid yo-yo dieting How to stop re-gaining the weight once we've reduced it How to keep the weight off long-term Creating good habits long-term Lapse vs. relapse Progress not perfection Going back to basics

Video lesson

Weight Loss & Maintenance Workshop The Workout Video

Here is the Workout Video. It includes a full body resistance bands workout that you can do at home. Click here to download The Workout VideoHere's a link to the resistance bands Rachel bought on Amazon UK

About the Teacher

Rachel Lankester

I'm Rachel and I'm passionate about helping women bust the midlife myths about what’s possible for us, and navigate the often murky waters of midlife so you can thrive not just survive, and become who you were always meant to be.When early menopause hit at 41 as I was trying for a longed-for second child, it turned my world upside down, initially horribly but over time, gloriously! I left my corporate life behind and created what I failed to find to support my midlife transition - the Magnificent Midlife world. Now in my mid 50s, I'm dedicated to ensuring other women get through the messy middle of life and into the magnificence that is available, as soon and as vibrantly as possible.  My role is to energize, challenge and support you while giving you the space to explore the myriad possibilities available to you in this next chapter. 

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