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About "Natural Menopause"

Find out how to transition vibrantly through menopause in this short course from Magnificent Midlife founder Rachel Lankester. This course will tell you everything you need to know to manage your menopause naturally, so you likely won’t need HRT. If you get the right combination of solutions these will also set you up well for long-term health. Think of menopause symptoms as the canary in the coal mine, giving you an early warning that all may not be right with the way you live.  Midlife is an opportunity to make changes so you thrive long-term. 

Disclaimer: Rachel is not a medical practitioner but has spent the last decade learning about menopause since going through it early at 41, so she knows quite a lot. While she went on HRT because of early menopause, she came off it at 50. She’s a big fan of managing menopause naturally when possible, so this is the main focus of this workshop. Do consult your doctor if in any doubt!


Possible Menopause-Related Issues – the full list

The Ultimate Natural Menopause Relief Checklist – 60+ Remedies To Try

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Natural Menopause

Video lesson

Menopause Workshop Menopause 101

In this lesson Rachel talks Menopause 101 – the basics of what it helps to know and how to re-evaluate it. When it starts and how long it lasts Likely symptoms Negative perceptions Time to pause Re-framing it: mother nature telling us we can’t continue as we were The power that comes post menopause – we’re ready to take on the world!

Video lesson

Menopause Workshop Managing symptoms

In this lesson we look at all the ways to help manage symptoms: Diet Supplements Alternative remedies Exercise HRT

Video lesson

In this lesson, Rachel covers four particular issues often attributed to menopause and how you can manage these: Hot flashes Anxiety Vaginal dryness

About the Teacher

Rachel Lankester

I'm Rachel and I'm passionate about helping women bust the midlife myths about what’s possible for us, and navigate the often murky waters of midlife so you can thrive not just survive, and become who you were always meant to be.When early menopause hit at 41 as I was trying for a longed-for second child, it turned my world upside down, initially horribly but over time, gloriously! I left my corporate life behind and created what I failed to find to support my midlife transition - the Magnificent Midlife world. Now in my mid 50s, I'm dedicated to ensuring other women get through the messy middle of life and into the magnificence that is available, as soon and as vibrantly as possible.  My role is to energize, challenge and support you while giving you the space to explore the myriad possibilities available to you in this next chapter. 

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