Empty Nest

Empty Nest

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About this course

Welcome to the Empty Nest workshop! Empty Nest Coach Christine Maziarz helps us work out how to cope when our children leave home and how to make the most of our empty nest. Transitioning from full house to an empty nest can be a tricky time for many of us. First you have to deal with the emotional impact and a massive change in your role. It helps to remember your role was to enable them to fly! We delve into how to uncover your future, experimenting with ideas and then make something great happen. 


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Course Structure

Empty Nest Workshop

Lesson 1 – Processing the change

In this lesson we talk about the importance of taking time to process this often momentous time for parents. 

We cover:

  • The importance of taking time to process the change and make any new decisions
  • Simmering the pot of emotions and ideas
  • Being kind to ourselves in this period
  • Processing sadness over the transition
  • Noticing thoughts and challenging them
  • Being patient with our partners as much as with ourselves
  • Not comparing ourselves to others in terms of where they may be on the empty nest transition

Action to take:

Empty Nest Workshop

Lesson 2 – How to uncover future you

In this lesson we look at how to uncover future you:

  • Stepping out of who we've been as a parent
  • Finding ourselves again
  • Learning to dream again
  • How to come up with ideas - delving into our youth
  • Finding ways to cultivate your creativity
  • Schedule time to allow the ideas to flow
  • Realizing the power we have in later life
  • Getting comfortable with the idea of a side hustle

Action to take:

Empty Nest Workshop

Lesson 3 – Creating the future you want

In this lesson we talk about how to create the future you want:

  • Choosing an idea to explore and see how it will work
  • Imagining a different future and how it feels
  • Evaluate ideas and decide if they work for you
  • Get comfortable with pivoting
  • Setting a good example for our kids
  • Setting boundaries when they come home

Action to take:

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