Creating an affirmation

Affirmations can be very powerful for changing beliefs, bringing about action and achieving our goals. Did you know that athletes use visualization and affirmations all the time to achieve big and win their event? If affirmations are good enough for them...

Here we explore what you might want to include in an affirmation. 

Watch the video, get out your notebook and jot down some ideas - of things you want to happen or how you want to be in the future - but expressed in the present tense.

Before the next video:

  • Continue journaling each day if possible
  • Write down three things you are grateful for each day
  • Complete the needs analysis
  • Review your Wheel of Life. Has anything changed?
  • Review your Midlife Audit Snapshot. Have you taken action in your priority areas? Have you noticed any changes? Write it all down in your notebook.
  • Review your Habit Tracker Sheet. Have you been consistent in changing things/introducing new good habits?
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