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If you're feeling overwhelmed by all the content or don't have time, please remember there's nothing to keep up with and nothing you have to do! But just five minutes in the membership might be enough to give you a boost and feel inspired, so isn't that worth it?

Would it help to pause your membership? We allow you to pause your membership for up to six months and return at the same price you paid, even if the price has changed in the interim. If you haven't un-paused within six months and subsequently decide you'd like to come back, you'll have to re-apply at whatever the price is then. 

If you're sure you'd like to pause or leave, please enter your information on the form below. Your credit card will not be processed again, and your access to the Magnificent Midlife members area will end 30 days after your last payment. To ensure a successful cancellation, you must enter the email address you enrolled with.

Want to ask us a question before cancelling? Email us at customerhappiness@magnificentmidlife.com and someone from the team will be with you ASAP. If you'd like to refresh yourself on our refund & cancellation policy, click here.

We appreciate any feedback you can share to help us make the Members Club even better.